C02 Lift Facial


You can now immediately revive natural radiance in under an hour with absolutely no downtime. CO2LIFT’s Carboxy Therapy Treatment improves the skin’s elasticity without the invasive procedure with an innovative gel-mask treatment that is gentle enough to apply even on your eyelids and under the eye. It Improves radiance immediately after application by conditioning skin with intense hydration and boosting moisture retention. Lumisque presents, CO2LIFT, a medical grade brand of cosmeceuticals that utilizes the powerful benets of Carbon Dioxide to lift, tighten and regenerate the skin. The line includes a cleanser: a tablet that when dissolved in water cleanses the dirt from the skin without removing your skin’s natural oils; a moisturizer, that uses the powerful benets of carbon dioxide to regenerate the skin with superior ingredients which nourish, brighten, hydrate and moisturize the skin; and a treatment mask which is an advanced super-hydrating treatment that solves aging skin problems without pain nor downtime.

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